Clementine-Thailand Chanthaburi  70%

Clementine-Thailand Chanthaburi 70%

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Let's go on a wild flavour ride together. These are some special beans. 

This farm is owned and operated by women farmers. 

They were able to create a bean that has so many flavours that you get hit from all angels. A mass amount of tropical fruits hit first and then a beautiful finish that is smooth with toasted brown sugar. Such an amazing Bean to Bar we have here.

Thailand Chanthaburi

Thai-inter cacao is a Family farm and co-op located in the province of Chanthaburi in east Thailand bordering Cambodia. The cocoa beans grown here have very unique flavor characteristics. Tasting notes of tropical fruits - pineapple, mango, and passion fruit, and a hint of brown sugar.

This farm is very special to us, as it is a women owned and operated farm.


70 gram Bar - Completely compostable packaging


Organic cacao beans, organic coconut flower nectar, organic cacao butter, organic Clementine rind.