Surprise Box! The Ultimate Package

Surprise Box! The Ultimate Package

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Where are all our chocolate lovers at! 
Do we have your attention?! 


That’s right. Every month we are going to have a new surprise box! 
This box is going to be filled with online store items, but also items that haven’t even hit the store yet. You will be the first to taste them before anyone else. 

The first of each month the box will change- don’t worry we will never duplicate what happened the month before, so if you are feeling adventurous, you can order every month without hesitation. 

The box will be filled with $75 worth of goodies. It could have a mix of confectionery items, bean to bars, Dream bars, bonbons….. who knows. All we can tell you, is it’s going to be fantastic. And we cannot wait for you to get yours!! 

As always…. All of our items are organic, vegan and gluten free.