White “not so white” Couverture Chocolate - 250gram bag

White “not so white” Couverture Chocolate - 250gram bag

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White “no so white” oat chocolate couverture

Smooth, and delicious! Our not so white chocolate, is not so white because of the coconut flower nectar (this is a caramel colour) 

But this one is fabulous with a nice milky finish minus the milk. 
You won’t be disappointed with this one. 

Comes in a 250 gram bag 

Perfect for baking, chocolate making, cakes and much more. 

As always our chocolate is vegan, gluten/dairy free, organic and refined sugar free.   

Chocolate is tempered - store in a cool dry area. 
If chocolate comes out of temper- heat to 45 degrees (no higher) bring down to 27 degrees and back up to 29 degrees - this chocolate works best for chocolate making at 29 degrees 

Organic cacao butter, organic coconut flower nectar, organic cashew milk, organic oat flour, organic vanilla beans