Chocolate Covered Freeze Dried Plums

Chocolate Covered Freeze Dried Plums

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BOOM! Mic drop! 

…. you still there? 

So, we made a thing. And this thing, is one heck of a thing

These glorious, full of sweet and tart flavour plums made their way into our freeze dryer and what we got was something magical. 

Because they were so tart we paired them with our maple white chocolate (you know the chocolate we use for our cookies and cream bars? Yeah that chocolate. And then we added some sea salt to balance it all out. 

Start your engine guys, get to our site pronto and start shopping. These guys won’t be here forever and they are one tasty snack! You won’t regret this one. 

Tart, sweet and savoury all at once 

Comes in an 80 gram bag 

As always, vegan, gluten free and organic